Fall Season 2014 Cake Pops

Happy New Year! Hope all is well with everyone 🙂 It is getting harder and harder to update this blog, but I’m trying! Again, the easiest way to follow me and my newest designs are Instagram and Facebook (links over there ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>)

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On to the cake pops! 🙂


Here are two versions of Frozen inspired cake pops, each with a different twist on Olaf (and once with Elsa):




Pokemon cake pops:



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles (TMNT) cake pops:



A special theme for those who live near the river; a barn, horse, bobber, fish, and tractor:



Fancy penguins:



A “Bomb”tastic themed party with bomb cake pops:


Pink swirled cake pops for a bachelorette party:





Coral and mint owls and polka dot cake pops for a first birthday:





Gold crosses on white drizzles for a baptism celebration:




Pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness month:




Pumpkin cake pops:



Mickey Mouse inspired pumpkin cake pops:




Vampire minions for a Halloween school party:


A simple mix of Halloween sprinkles:




Halloween themed bucket, including a witch, a trick or treat pumpkin, Jack Skellington, a Mickey pumpkin, a ghost, a bat, and a monster:



Jack Skellington cake pops (probably my favorite cake pops ever!):




San Francisco 49ers logo cake pops:



San Francisco Giants themed cake pops with baseball players and Lou Seal:



Giants Players and LouSeal

Soccer balls:


Thanksgiving cake pops with turkeys and pumpkins:


Star Wars themed cake pops with the whole gang; Yoda, R2D2, 3CPO, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Storm Trooper, and Hans Solo:


Fall Cake Pop Round Up

Hi everyone! Since it is almost December (!!!) I thought I should update with all of my fall cake pops. All of these were done this past month or so, I just never got a chance to blog them 😛


At the end of October, it was World Series mania around here since the Giants were in the series. Once Pablo “The Panda” Sandoval hit three home runs in game 1, I knew I had to make panda cake pops along with SF Giants themed ones. They were a huge hit!


Then it was Halloween. I added these jack o lanterns and ghosts to my collection of Halloween themed cake pops.


I thought these owls were really cute and had been wanting to make them for a while, so I knew they would fit in perfectly during the fall time.


Finally, it was Thanksgiving. I thought these pilgrim hats were super cute. And we can’t have Thanksgiving without a turkey!