March Cake Pops

Here are the cake pops from March:


Ballet shoes and tutu cake pops for a grand opening at a local ballet studio:





Angry Birds cake pops:

angrybirds (2)

Pink and purple butterfly cake pops:



Dalmatians with firefighter hats for a fire station birthday party:



Dog cake pops:



Pink and blue cake pops with pink roses for a bridal shower:



San Francisco 49ers themed cake pops for a Faithfulistas jewelry party hosted by Pandora jewelry:





Baseball cake pops:



Basketball cake pops with Stanford themed pops, including the Stanford tree, for March Madness:



St. Patrick’s Day themed cake pops; shamrocks, pot o golds, and drizzle with orange mustaches:



June Cake Pops

Hi everyone! Here is an update on the cake pops I worked on in the month of June. If you would like to see what I am creating in a more up to date fashion, be sure to follow me on instagram:

Purple butterflies and lemon cake balls:



Green, yellow, red, orange and white cake balls for a Fiesta themed fundraiser:


Pink on pink strawberry cake balls with the swirl design:


Mustaches for Father’s Day:


Blue and red trains for a 2nd birthday party:


Angry Birds cake pops (red bird, yellow bird, blue bird, green pig):


April Cake Pops

Here are some of the cake pops I did this month, more to come! 🙂

Chicks cake pops for Easter/springtime


Mario Brothers mushrooms (as a child of the ’80’s, I looooooved making these!):




Spring Mix (tulips, lemon cake balls, and green butterfly cake pops):




Yellow cupcakes for a gender reveal party:







Behind The Scenes: Test Cake Pops

I wanted to show these cake pops because I thought these were a good example of how some of my ideas fall into place.

Remember these little beauties?

They actually started out like this:

When asked to do the fairy garden theme for D and M’s 4th birthday party, I wanted to come up with a couple of ideas that their mom could choose from. The flowers in the back I had seen on Bakerella before and thought they would fit in perfectly for a garden themed party. Flowers. Garden. They just go together.

I also wanted to do a couple of different color combos to see what they looked like. The butterfly mold had dragonflies on it, so I made some of those to have even more variety.

While M, D, and their mom loved all the options, it was apparent that butterflies were definitely the strongest theme of the party, so it made sense to go with all butterflies in the party’s colors. Either way, it was fun coming up with all these different pop!

Fairy Garden Theme Birthday Party

These lovely cake pops were made for two of the cutest little girls. Their fourth birthday was coming up, and it was definitely going to be a party to remember.

When I was first contacted to make cake pops for this party, the mom and I bounced tons of ideas off of one another. We finally narrowed it down to something simple, yet adorable, at the same time. These cake pops with the butterflies adhered on top went perfectly with the theme. The yellow, blue, green, and purple really tied everything together.

Here they are all ready to go! *Mental note: start taking better pictures! Ay yay yay.

The cake pops were used as favors as well as something for the kids to just grab and go while they partied the afternoon away. Just another cute detail in this great party!

Look at this party, how could you not have fun?! 🙂

Happy Birthday M and D!