Cake Pop Displays

I am frequently asked about how to display cake pops at an event, and in a nutshell, the options are endless! Here are some examples:

1. Cake plate/ serving plate/ platter

This option is the easiest because you are able to use what you already have at your home, easy peasy 🙂 If you choose to have the cake pops stick up, then you can simply have them standing on whatever they are displayed on. Or, if the design has the cake pops stick down, you can simply have them laying on a platter for an easy grab and go option for your guests.

IMG_9183FullSizeRender(1) IMG_7559

2. Cake pop stands

Cake pop stands are great because it is such a simple yet impressive way to display your cake pops. Your guests are able to see the full design of the cake pop. Plus, the stand acts as a secure way to transport the cake pops and to make sure there is no damage to them. Cake pop stands come in lots of designs and multiple levels for your displaying needs.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender(10) FullSizeRender(7) FullSizeRender(3) IMG_0915 (2)

3. Use your imagination!

There are so many options with how to display cake pops, the possibilities are endless! From baskets with Styrofoam in them, to mason jars, to making your own stands, to incorporating the pops into the design of the dessert table; the list really could go on and on.

IMG_7867 FullSizeRender(11) FullSizeRender(9) FullSizeRender(8) FullSizeRender(6) FullSizeRender(5) FullSizeRender(4) FullSizeRender(2) fairyparty

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