James’ First Birthday Party

Well, it finally happened. My baby turned one. I can’t believe how fast this year went! It’s so true when they say that time flies.

When James was a wee little baby, he used to make this screeching noise along with an attacking type face (usually at my husband’s nose lol) when he was hungry, so from early on he was nicknamed as “the dragon”. So I’m sure you can guess what the theme had to be for his first party. Of course a baby dragon theme!

This post is going to be picture heavy, but that’s just because I love all the details so much. So enjoy James’ First Birthday!

**All vendor info listed at the end of the post**

First up are the cake pops. I used a dragon book that my son has for inspiration for the cake pops, I think they turned out so cute!



I also did simple sprinkled cake balls because I wanted to use these spiral paper sticks, they really add a little something to the color scheme.



I found this dragon cake on Pinterest and knew that it would fit into the theme perfectly.



Donna at Swish Printables made some lovely printables (as seen on the favor tags for the cake pops above and the banners below) for the party to go along with the invitations. I highly recommend her for all of your printable party needs; not only is her work super cute, but she was great to work with. Thanks Donna!




I love this picture banner that I made to show James every month. It’s super popular on Pinterest, and I can see why. So cute and simple!




And here are some pictures of the birthday boy and smash cake time. He loved it! The smash cake was a vanilla cake I made and did the petal technique to frost it. Time consuming but definitely worth it!





Happy Birthday little man! πŸ™‚

Vendor Info:

Cake pops, dragon cake, and smash cake: Let Them Eat Pops

Party Invites and Printables: Swish Printables www.facebook.com/swishprintables and www.etsy.com/shop/SwishPrintables

One Shirt: Best Birthday Ever www.etsy.com/shop/BestBirthdayEver

Bow Tie: Honeybee Sweet Designs www.facebook.com/honeybeesweetdesigns and www.etsy.com/shop/honeybeesweet


6 thoughts on “James’ First Birthday Party

  1. It was a great 1st birthday party and all the decorations were just darling. Not to mention the birthday boy and his talented mother! But the cakes (yes, I had more than one kind!) were dilicious. The chocolate tasted like brownie and the vanillia was very tasty. And both were so moist. Wish I had some right now!

  2. Hi! I came upon your blog looking for first birthday dragon party ideas. Thank you for sharing!! Where did you print what you bought from Swish? I am curious about what worked for paper weight (card stock? sticker paper?) Thanks!!

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