Mustang Cake Pops

Hi all! Happy New Year! Was your NYE poppin’ (get it?)? I’m back to regular blog posting after a brief hiatus.

I made these cake pops back in October. I was asked to make cake pops based off a picture similar to this one:

mustang Source

The cake pops were for someone who had a collection of Ford Mustang Fastbacks, and his birthday was coming up, so Mustang cake pops were going to be perfect. I did the cake pops in two colors: grey with black stripes and red with black stripes. The birthday boy loved them!




You might be wondering why these cake pops are on two sticks. Well, I wanted to be as realistic to the car body as possible, so I used a mold that specifically was of a Mustang Flashback. But the mold was the size of 2 cake pops. So, the cars just needed a little more support from two sticks. I heard the birthday boy didn’t mind one bit 🙂




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