The 49ers are in the Super Bowl!

I don’t know if you’ve heard but…..the San Francisco 49ers are in the Super Bowl! So unless you live under a rock (or aren’t a football fan and don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area), you know that it is 49er fever over here.

Leading up to the play offs and the championship game, I have made countless footballs and 49er themed cake pops, like these:


But for the Super Bowl, I knew I needed to go all out. It’s the Super Bowl for crying out loud! So, presenting the gold 49ers football helmets:





Hopefully these help the 49ers take it all the way this weekend! 🙂 Go Niners!


Sundae Funday

This California weather has been all over the place; mornings are frosty cold, nights are chilly, and the afternoons can feel like a glimpse of a nice summer day (if the sun is cooperating). So, summer inspiration it is 🙂 Here are some ice cream sundaes, don’t they look delicious?






Next week I’ll share my Super Bowl cake pops, so stay tuned 🙂

Dancing Shoes

These cake pops were made last month for a little ballerina celebrating her birthday. The order was simple and direct from the birthday girl: pink and white cake balls with ballet shoes and a ribbon drawn on top. Pretty, simple, and girly.







Here they are, all wrapped and ready to go!




Thanks for the order, S!

Snowmen Cake Pops

Just a quick post about these snowmen cake pops I did last month. First off, these pictures are proof AGAIN that my photography needs to get better ASAP!

They are decorated with mini m&m ear muffs and fruit roll up scarves. Turned out pretty cute, don’t ya think?

snowmen (2)


Mustang Cake Pops

Hi all! Happy New Year! Was your NYE poppin’ (get it?)? I’m back to regular blog posting after a brief hiatus.

I made these cake pops back in October. I was asked to make cake pops based off a picture similar to this one:

mustang Source

The cake pops were for someone who had a collection of Ford Mustang Fastbacks, and his birthday was coming up, so Mustang cake pops were going to be perfect. I did the cake pops in two colors: grey with black stripes and red with black stripes. The birthday boy loved them!




You might be wondering why these cake pops are on two sticks. Well, I wanted to be as realistic to the car body as possible, so I used a mold that specifically was of a Mustang Flashback. But the mold was the size of 2 cake pops. So, the cars just needed a little more support from two sticks. I heard the birthday boy didn’t mind one bit 🙂