Minnie Mouse Cake Pops

I was so excited to get this order, because if you know me, I am a HUGE Disney fan. I could go on and on about it, but I’ll save you from that.

K was turning the big 3, so K’s mom wanted to order some cake pops for the Minnie inspired birthday party. You may remember K’s cake pops from last year, so you know K’s mom throws a great themed birthday party.

The requests were specific: Minnie Mouse ears with a light pink “skirt” and the cake pops needed to stand on their own to be on display. K’s mom even sent me some cute light pink polka dot sticks to use to tie in the theme even more. Love, love, love 🙂

K’s mom was nice enough to share some pictures of the cake pops on display on the dessert table. I think they turned out great!





Happy 3rd birthday, K! 🙂



It’s Halloween Time!

It’s officially Halloween time everyone! I love this time of year 🙂 The weather still can’t decide if it’s fall yet, but oh well! Bottom line is fall and Halloween decorations are out, trips to pumpkin patches are being arranged, and Halloween costumes are being planned out. Fun times!

Halloween brings out some very cute cake pops, like the ones found here from last year. These pumpkins are also super cute. And these pirates are definitely in the Halloween spirit.

I’ve started on some Halloween inspired cake pops, so I’ll share what I’ve done so far. I still have a couple more ideas and orders to do in the next couple of weeks, so I will update the blog once those are done.


First up are Halloween cupcake cake pops. I love these cupcakes because you can really do any theme you want as long as the sprinkles or “icing” go along with the theme. They are a great step up from the simple cake ball.


Next are these one-eyed green monsters. I think they are so cute!


Finally are some creepy crawly spiders. I think they are more cute than creepy, but still very “crawly” with their candy legs sticking out.

Beer and Baseball

If you are a baseball fan, you know it is playoff time. Especially in the Bay Area with both teams in the playoffs (go A’s!). So I have had a lot of requests for Giants cake pops (I guess that’s what happens when I get a lot of my business from Giants territory), the baseballs seen here, and even some beer bottles. Because what goes better with baseball than beer, right?? 😉

As promised, many moons ago it seems, here is a better picture of the SF Giants cake pops. I know I keep saying I need to take better pictures, and I really do. Hopefully I can fit that in one of these days. Anyhoo, SF Giants:


I received an order from a Coors Light fan, so I came up with some Coors Light bottles: