Not Your Every Day Cake Pop Order…

Before I start, I contemplated posting these cake pops due to the mature nature of them. Most of my orders are for children birthday parties and are children themed, so I didn’t know how to deal with the maturity of these while still trying to appeal my blog to the youngsters’ parents. But, these are evidence that cake pops really can be made for every occasion šŸ™‚ So, to spare some parents from their children seeing these pops, the pictures will be in links at the end of the post. Thanks! šŸ™‚

Last week, someone near and dear to my heart had surgery. A type of surgery that isn’t really discussed. I’m talking plastic surgery.Ā  While it technically is plastic surgery, it was mostly for health reasons to relieve back pain. Know where I’m going with this yet?

During her recovery from a breast reduction, the patient’s sister wanted to order some cake pops for her recovery. A boob bouquet, if you will. Who says you only need to bring flowers to wish someone to get well?

Hope you have a fast recovery, C! šŸ˜‰

To view the photos of these hilarious pops, please click here, here, and here.


5 thoughts on “Not Your Every Day Cake Pop Order…

  1. Oddly enough, I just spent the evening making boob-pops, myself! However, (this is going to sound SO odd) I love your nipples (snicker, snicker). Did you use fondant?

    1. Maggie, that’s great that you are making these for your friend. They are a great way to show support without the usual flowers and add some much needed humor to it. Your friend is very lucky to have you šŸ™‚

  2. Hey Guys & Girls, rather than make your own booby cake pops…have Sarah do it…come on folks…I think she is trying to grow her business.

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