Exciting News!

Sorry for the delay in this post, things have been busy around here 🙂

See these cake pops?


They look like simple, celebration cake pops. Maybe it’s someone’s birthday? Maybe they are cake pops just because?

Well inside, they reveal quite a lot. They are all part of a new trend that is taking place.

Ready for it?


They are gender reveal cake pops!

Apparently having a party with your family and friends to reveal the sex of your baby is just another way to celebrate your little bundle of joy. How cute is that?

These obviously can be decorated however you wish on the outside, but the pink and blue inside are so cute and really get the point across.

I decided to do these pops to show more ideas for cake pops, but also because I have some news of my own to share. My husband and I are expecting a baby in early summer 🙂

And we can share what we are having…..ready?

It’s a……….




BOY!! 🙂


Have a good night!



Test Kitchen: Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Can you believe we are almost to Valentine’s Day?? 2012 is already going by way too fast!

I started getting some ideas together for Valentine’s Day. Cake pops are GREAT for little kid’s parties, either as favors or the valentines themselves. There are many ways to go about this; a heart cake pop decorated however you wish, a standard cake pop in Valentine’s themed sprinkles, or even cake pops with a written love message on them.


***Please ignore the cracked cake pop in the back, these are test kitchen cake pops and my orders would in no way be in that kind of shape!***


Or how about a bouquet of flowers, like the flowers in this post? They would be very cute arranged in a vase!


Or maybe you want some chocolate covered strawberries cake pops?

How cute would these be? They can be made either on a stick or off.


Please feel free to contact me about any other ideas you have!

And stay tuned for later this week, I have some very exciting news to share 🙂

Football Fan?

Hello readers! Long time no post 🙂 Hope everyone had a great holiday season and new year!

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Anyone catch the awesome 49er game over the weekend? My husband is a die hard Niner fan, so to say that the game was exiting, exhilerating, and gut wrenching would all be understatements. Now the Niners are on their way to the NFC Championship game and hopefully the Super Bowl!

While watching the game, I came up with some Niner (and football) themed cake pops.

Wouldn’t these be great at a football party or the upcoming Super Bowl? Even if the Niners don’t go all the way, they would be cute in other team colors and designs.


The Super Bowl is only a couple of weeks away, so be sure to place your order soon!