Behind The Scenes: Test Cake Pops

I wanted to show these cake pops because I thought these were a good example of how some of my ideas fall into place.

Remember these little beauties?

They actually started out like this:

When asked to do the fairy garden theme for D and M’s 4th birthday party, I wanted to come up with a couple of ideas that their mom could choose from. The flowers in the back I had seen on Bakerella before and thought they would fit in perfectly for a garden themed party. Flowers. Garden. They just go together.

I also wanted to do a couple of different color combos to see what they looked like. The butterfly mold had dragonflies on it, so I made some of those to have even more variety.

While M, D, and their mom loved all the options, it was apparent that butterflies were definitely the strongest theme of the party, so it made sense to go with all butterflies in the party’s colors. Either way, it was fun coming up with all these different pop!


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