Behind The Scenes: Test Cake Pops

I wanted to show these cake pops because I thought these were a good example of how some of my ideas fall into place.

Remember these little beauties?

They actually started out like this:

When asked to do the fairy garden theme for D and M’s 4th birthday party, I wanted to come up with a couple of ideas that their mom could choose from. The flowers in the back I had seen on Bakerella before and thought they would fit in perfectly for a garden themed party. Flowers. Garden. They just go together.

I also wanted to do a couple of different color combos to see what they looked like. The butterfly mold had dragonflies on it, so I made some of those to have even more variety.

While M, D, and their mom loved all the options, it was apparent that butterflies were definitely the strongest theme of the party, so it made sense to go with all butterflies in the party’s colors. Either way, it was fun coming up with all these different pop!

Red Velvet Cake Pops

A woman I used to nanny for asked if I could make some cake pops for her mother-in-law’s 65th birthday party. The MIL (that’s mother-in-law for those who haven’t planned a wedding before and used all the acronyms to make your lists go a lot faster 🙂 ) is Chinese, so we immediately thought to do simple cake pops in red velvet and dipped in red candy melts, since red in the Chinese culture symbolizes good fortune and joy.

I found some gold sprinkles and immediately wanted to put those on top for good luck. Perfect!



I Scream, You Scream…

Summer means a lot of things to people. Ask a child what it means, and one of the first things they will probably say is “ice cream”!

I was asked to make some cake pops for an end of the summer school party. We wanted to come up with something summer themed, so after going over a couple of ideas, I thought ice cream cones would be the cutest things, especially for a pre-school party. It must have been meant to be because the class happened to be making ice cream on the day of their party. Perfect!

Who wouldn’t want to have some cake disguised as an ice cream cone? Sounds like a child’s version of heaven to me!

Happy summer everyone!

Mickey Mouse Ears

After making the Lightning McQueen cake pops, I knew that I had to make them for my nephew who loves the Cars movie for his 6th birthday. He happened to be having a joint birthday party with his little brother who was turning 3, so I couldn’t come empty handed for the little man. His mom said that he was a huge Mickey Mouse fan, so I came up with these adorable Mickey Mouse cake pops.

How cute are these?!

They were a huge hit at the party. They were surprisingly simple and I love how they turned out. The kids loved them too, as displayed by one of my step-daughters 🙂

Happy birthday, boys!

Lightning McQueen

These cake pops were so much fun to make. I was asked to make car cake pops, and had to wonder if it was cars, or Cars. Because I love the Cars movie!


Yes, I am a die hard Disney fan, thankyouverymuch.

Ka-chow! 🙂

I think these turned out so cute, and I know the little boy (and parents!) just loved them!

Here’s another shot of the whole gang of Lightning McQueen’s together.

Fairy Garden Theme Birthday Party

These lovely cake pops were made for two of the cutest little girls. Their fourth birthday was coming up, and it was definitely going to be a party to remember.

When I was first contacted to make cake pops for this party, the mom and I bounced tons of ideas off of one another. We finally narrowed it down to something simple, yet adorable, at the same time. These cake pops with the butterflies adhered on top went perfectly with the theme. The yellow, blue, green, and purple really tied everything together.

Here they are all ready to go! *Mental note: start taking better pictures! Ay yay yay.

The cake pops were used as favors as well as something for the kids to just grab and go while they partied the afternoon away. Just another cute detail in this great party!

Look at this party, how could you not have fun?! 🙂

Happy Birthday M and D!

Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Ah, the first cake pops.

Actually, these weren’t the first cake pops I made. Those were some bunnies for Easter that while cute at the time, weren’t the best. I didn’t know anything about cake pops then, so they looked kinda sloppy and messy and just bleh. But you live and you learn right?

Back to Hello Kitty. I am a huge fan of Bakerella, who probably got this whole cake pop trend on the map. I follow her blog religiously, and saw the Hello Kitty pops on her site. It just so happened that the little girl I nanny was having a Hello Kitty birthday party, so I decided to give them a shot.


How cute are these? Any little girl would love them!


Welcome to my blog. And the first official post! Please bear with me as I am new to this blogging thing…love reading blogs, but never written one myself. So here goes nothing…

So who am I? I am a twenty-something living in the Bay Area, California. I have a wonderful husband, two hilarious step-daughters, and great family and friends. I am a part time nanny by day, and cooking and baking enthusiast by night. That last part is probably how all of this started. I love to bake in my free time, especially for parties, events, etc. (any way I can bake and then leave the goods with someone else so I don’t eat them is a win-win for me!). I decided to make some Hello Kitty cake pops for the little girl I nanny one day, and as they say…the rest is history 🙂